Food & Beverage

Is a business sector which is a part of a business such as a hotel which is responsible for needs, because in its services it provides food and drinks as well as other related needs of a hotel or is managed commercially.

The basic function of this industry is to serve food and drinks to people, to fulfill their various types of needs. The main goal is to achieve customer satisfaction.

To compete effectively, they need to operate at full capacity and overcome challenges such as: Point-of Sales Integration, central kitchen management, inventory control, food waste and traceability, outlet procurement and many more.

ERP Solutions for your Business

Central Distribution

The place where all goods can be produced or the main supplier in distributing goods to branches, dropshippers and resellers. This distribution center usually has cheap prices and the quality of the goods or food ingredients it produces is still fresh or good because this distribution center is first hand. This central distribution is usually only found at one point. The BOS application, which can be used by distribution centers, makes it easy to see the stock in the warehouse.

POS Integration

POS is responsible for recording all cashier transactions and processing them into data reports for daily, monthly and annual reports. To reduce employees' lack of accuracy in recording sales results, you need an application that is directly integrated with the SAP system. Sales, purchase and stock reports can be seen directly via the Beone Assistant application with an easy-to-read display so you don't have to wait for the end of the month to check your sales.

Centralized Purchasing

This purchasing process can involve procuring stock of materials or goods that have run out at the outlet. This information can be obtained directly in the SAP system and the warehouse will immediately know what materials or goods are needed by the outlet. In this way, the SAP system presents sequential business processes. Delivery of materials or goods can also be controlled via Beone Tracker by estimating time and predicting which routes can be used safely and quickly in sending the materials or goods.

Inventory Control

The warehouse also requires a system that can be directly integrated in the supply of materials or other goods. If one day the materials or goods in the warehouse run out without being noticed within a short time, the business will be in chaos and this could most likely disrupt the entire sales process. With this SAP system, it can be integrated with other departments. Procurement will take place quickly, this way everything will be safe and under control.

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