Professional Service



This company operates in the service sector with the task of meeting advertising needs. Whether it is the need for Instagram posts, packaging, brochures, banners, posters and many other media.

Targetnya adalah perusahaan kecil , menengah atau perusahaan yang tidak memiliki banyak tenaga manusianya. Keinginan klien yang beragam ini membuat perusahaan harus  memiliki tenaga kerja yang serba bisa dan mampu bekerja di bawah tekanan. 

This company goes up and down in accepting clients. However, it is always needed by all companies in branding or characterizing a product or company.

Budget preparation

When the project starts, the agency will usually prepare a budget that includes materials for production, advertising and services. This budget preparation is carried out if the second party has determined the concept and how it works.
Diawal juga ada kontrak yang harus di setujui oleh kedua belah pihak yang berisikan perjanjian waktu selesai pengerjaan dan revisi yang dilakukan sebelum publish.


Budget estimates have been made and offers have been made so that the process can be carried out. Everything will be reviewed again to achieve justice for both parties.

Creative team

This team will be formed according to the profession and work required by the second party. In this process, the team will usually provide input, objections and what the best solution is for smooth production.

Planning vs actual

The plans made are only estimates and could be different in the field. For this large difference, very in-depth research is needed and develops what has already been done and then implements new strategies.

Analysis project revenue recognition

The equal distribution of commissions obtained from the projects carried out must also be thorough and fair. This way, everyone will feel appreciated for their hard work to help the project run.