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Face Recognition

Facial recognition technology that can recognize one or more people at once. Information that can be known is Name, Gender, Age, Expression, and so on.

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BeOne Attendance

BeOne Attendance is an attendance application that uses Face Recognition technology based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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BeOne Analyzer

Beone Analyzer is an application that can read sentiment from a conversation for analysis. This can help to determine the content of the type of conversation that has a positive or negative tone.

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BeOne Assistant

BeOne Assistant is a chatbot application or automatic message reply robot that uses Artificial Intelligence technology to capture the meaning of the message you send so that you can reply to text messages or chat as if you were with a human.

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BeOne Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an application that can convert physical data into digital data by utilizing letter or character recognition technology in images.

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BeOne Tracker

BeOne Tracker is the solution for faster and more effective deliveries. By integrating Google Map, BeOne Tracker can provide the fastest route suggestions while recording the actual delivery route.

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