This solution helps Sales Managers to identify several important information in their departments. Using a web-based application, he can extract information from conversations between his team and customers such as how well each product, brand, type, or model sells, analyze the sentiment of each conversation (very negative, negative, neutral, positive, or very positive). Furthermore, any negative sentiment can be followed up by creating a service call document at SAP Business One.

Solusinya ditargetkan pada industri perdagangan dan distribusi, atau departemen penjualan pada umumnya. Solusinya terdiri dari:

  1. Messenger conversation extractor to take conversations from messenger and convert them into spreadsheet files.
  2. Web-based application for registering ratings of words, products, brands, types and models.
  3. Web-based application as a dashboard to display product graphs, brands, types, or models, and sentiment from each conversation.
  4. Follow-up module for creating service call documents in SAP Business One


Pain Points:

  1. Unable to track customer sentiment towards products, brands, types, or models from conversations between sales teams and customers.
  2. Can't track which products are asked about or frequently discussed in conversation.
  3. Paper usage is high because the sales team needs to send printed sales reports to sales managers every week (and if necessary, every day).

Solutions Detail:

BeOne Analyzer consists of several core modules:

  1. Messenger conversation extractor and spreadsheet converter. Some information retrieved: conversation id, subject, date, sender, and recipient. The spreadsheet will then be imported into the web-based analyzer.
  2. A web application for importing spreadsheet files, analyzing, and displaying data on a single dashboard page. The dashboard will display a table of conversation data, a chart for all conversation sentiment, and a chart showing the proportion of each product talked about in the conversation.
  3. Menu on the web application to create a service call document in SAP Business One for each negative sentiment.
Screenshot of the web application
Screenshot of the web application dashboard