What is SAP Business One?

A system that makes it easy for you to create reports, accounting and sales in one application. Known as an integrated and multi-module program application, this is usually used for basic applications for all company groups. Similar to other application systems, SAP Business One uses an integrated system that can make the company that manages it smarter, in other words it becomes a Smart Company.

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The technology used is not just a tin can, with this high quality, SAP Business One can help your company to manage sales, purchases, stock and many others.

For more than 40 years, SAP has supported ERP systems that companies use to advance and develop business-friendly technology. The customers come from various countries and more than 100,000 companies subscribe to SAP Business One.

In other words, SAP is guaranteed from its experience to the programs it provides. This sophistication can be obtained at a price that suits the company you work for. Connecting modules to one another saves you a lot of time. The real time report results allow you to monitor company branches in other places by staying silent in front of the computer.



In the past, this software was known for its exorbitant prices. As time goes by and technology continues to develop, SAP can be used for small, medium and large businesses. The quality it provides remains the same but the price and function are different.

If you haven't used the system before, of course you're wondering what the advantages of SAP Business One are for your company, right?

The modules that SAP Business One provides are connected to each other. You no longer need to look at piles of paper to check data that has been input by other divisions, just open SAP Business One and you can see the module you want to check.

Apart from connecting to each other, the SAP Business One module can also be connected directly to the machine. For example, if you have a factory, and you have difficulty knowing whether the machine needs materials, parts or other things to make a product, you can immediately get alerts in SAP Business One, so that production will run smoothly.


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