A company whose aim is to search for petroleum, gold, coal and other materials in the bowels of the earth by digging them. 

The company is quite large and is run in a beautiful place and it could be said that the location is far inland and difficult to find in areas that have large buildings. 

The materials found cannot be sold immediately because they need to be examined, purified, processed, transported and sold. The process required is quite long, therefore the price of these materials is very expensive.


This process determines how much effort the excavation will take. The materials found will not be sold immediately, but will go through several feasibility studies to have resale value. If the area has decent mining results and has abundant mining products in large quantities, this will continue.


Before starting excavation, you must know what kind of area will be excavated. Starting from the land, surrounding conditions and also the mapping that must be done. Because the excavation material is usually located quite deep underground, an access road must be built to make it easier to bring the excavation results to the surface.


Purchase or rent excavation equipment and materials for the construction of employee mess. The office was built to monitor excavation activities, communication facilities, access roads to get to the mine or leave the mining area, power plants and also a place to store excavation facilities.

Mining (Exploitation)

Excavation has already begun as this process begins. Excavated materials that have been found are not immediately sold, there are several stages of processing that make the materials worth selling. This mining process will also take the longest time among other processes.


The materials found cannot be sold immediately. There are several stages that materials must go through so that they have value so that the materials obtained are pure and unnecessary compounds are wasted.


Materials that can be sold and consumers usually buy contracts or letters of ownership to buy these materials. This ownership certificate can have an even higher selling value if materials become scarce.


Replanting trees will again keep the ecosystem and resources intact. Apart from that, replanting is a form of responsibility towards nature because other valuable resources have been taken.