The retail industry is a business that involves selling goods or services to consumers individually or at retail. Usually retail consumers buy products not to resell but to use for themselves, in contrast to wholesalers.

The Retail Industry Business Process is as follows:

Purchases from Suppliers

This procurement is carried out in large quantities to avoid running out of goods at the wrong time. Choosing a supplier also depends on the quality of the goods you sell. If you want to check the goods sold by the supplier, you can do it in the Beone Analyzer application.

Supply of Goods

If the goods run out, the goods supplier will procure the goods before the stock runs out. This stock check can be done in the BOSS application. If the goods run out, you will immediately make a repeat order from the supplier of the goods.

Delivery of goods

After the purchasing process and goods procurement process have been completed, the goods will be sent directly by the goods supplier. You can monitor this delivery via the Beone Tracker application, with an estimated time for the goods recorded to anticipate you before the goods run out.


Newly arrived goods will be immediately placed in the warehouse and additional stock will be recorded via the SAP system. By inputting stock, the warehouse will record stock accurately.

Retail businesses can be classified into 3 categories, namely:

Store based

Transactions take place through retail store intermediaries. This classification is divided into two more; shops based on ownership and shops based on goods sold.

Non-store based

Non-store based retail usually focuses more on direct contact with consumers. Contact can be made personally through direct selling or non-personally through TV, Internet, email marketing, telephone or catalogues.

Service based

offering various types of services or services to consumers. These services can be banking, rental, electronic services, etc. Factors such as service quality, features offered, uniqueness of service, and time required are things that determine the success of a service-based retail business.

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