BeOne Assistant is a chatbot application or automatic message reply robot that uses Artificial Intelligence technology to capture the meaning of the message you send so that you can reply to text messages or chat as if you were with a human. This application can be accessed via LINE Messenger and Google Assistant on your Android-based mobile device.

Through BeOne Assistant, you can directly ask for information about your business such as today's sales, the 5 best-selling products, the 3 most loyal customers, etc. which are obtained in real time from Your SAP Business One.

Lebih lanjut, BeOne Assistant dapat dikonfigurasi untuk bertindak seperti layanan pelanggan. Melalui BeOne Assistant, pelanggan Anda dapat menanyakan pertanyaan – pertanyaan umum yang sering ditanyakan tentang produk dan jasa yang Anda tawarkan (Frequently Asked Questions atau FAQs) dan aplikasi akan langsung memberikan jawabannya. Atau pelanggan Anda dapat mengirimkan tiket untuk problem atau kendala yang mereka hadapi. Tiket ini akan langsung masuk ke SAP Business One Anda dan dapat langsung ditindaklanjuti.

This project started as a SAP SMB Innovation Labs – IE Select APJ 2019 project. It started as a simple chatbot for a customer support system where customers could create issue tickets as service call documents in SAP Business One and check the status of their tickets. Further development has enabled the chatbot to retrieve real-time business reports and solution knowledge base from SAP Business One. We then decided to submit this solution for the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2020.

Solution Use Cases:




We used Google Dialogflow (formerly known as to create our chatbot. We used a customer support scenario from one of our existing customers who runs an Internet Service Provider (ISP) business. The conversation intent we developed revolved around:

Customers report problems with their internet connection. If an issue is categorized as general and listed on the solution's knowledge base, the chatbot can provide immediate assistance on how to fix it. Otherwise, the chatbot will create an issue ticket and create a service call document in SAP Business One.

The customer checks the status of his/her issued ticket (open, in progress, or resolved/closed).

Customers who ask some general questions about ISP services and products.

Manager requests real-time business reports i.e. sales, top n customers, top n items.

To connect Google Dialogflow with SAP Business One, we created a NodeJS-based webhook server that translates detected intents into appropriate SAP Service Layer or XSJS objects.

Solutions Detail:

Each messenger platform uses a different and unique method to integrate with Google Dialogflow. We use NodeJS as the framework for the webhook server and SAP HANA Service Layer and SAP HANA XSJS to communicate with SAP Business One.